Smart Street Light

Streets lights are among a city's most vital assets, providing secure roads, inviting public areas, and enhanced security in homes, businesses, and city centers. They're usually very costly to operate, however, and they use a lot of energy—almost 40 percent of a city's electricity spending. Most streetlight manufacturers haven't leveraged technology to address these issues, but as the cost of electricity continues to rise, it's becoming crucial that they do so. Cities that create managed streetlight networks can not only offer additional services but also save energy and reduce their maintenance budgets, thus increasing their value as municipal assets.

The expenses incurred other than the obvious electricity costs for operating a streetlight network are

  • Buying new lamps to equip new areas and to replace those that have failed
  • Retrofitting old optics and lamps to make them more efficient
  • Managing team of streetlight specialists and service trucks to identify lamp failures and fix them onsite.

Easy to install using the existing grid

PLC on Street Light

  • video cams
  • Wi-Fi AP based on PLC backbone using existing grid
  • Street light cabinet Meter, breaker, light controller
  • Fuse protection for light and PLC
  • Permanent power connection

Advantages of Solution

  • Saving pre study and cabling in public area
  • Easy to install and modify
  • Suitable for digital surveillance
  • Fully manageable by means of SNP
  • Automation and monitoring available at the cabinet