Long Distance

Long distance connectivity can be defined as wireless communication at distances greater than 30Km. M2M Cybernetics Private Limited together with its partner can provide solutions for long distance wireless connectivity where a wired network infrastructure is not conducive. Our solutions include:

  • A range of microwave equipment operating from 2.3 GHz to 26 GHz point to multipoint mode or point to point mode. A large IP Ethernet mesh can be created with wireline copper and fiber, extending the LAN and WAN.
  • High quality Radio OFDM TDMA communication solution warfare for the Police and Defense. Well suited for remote and real time mobile video transmissions in full duplex connections.
  • Solution for maritime mobile internet without the cost involved with satellite use. Functional at over 30 nautical miles.
  • Secure meshed Ethernet IP networks. Mesh networks are built around rugged routers. The components incorporate mobile solutions and radio communication OFDM TDMA
  • Solution for Ethernet transmission at high speed. By means of Opto-magnetic coupling, high-speed wireless internet can be achieved in trains.
  • Wireless video and data delivery system which offer the same capacity as the digital cable without using physical cables. This system is capable of delivering 1 up to 32Gb/s internet and High Definition TV
  • System's transmission is capable of covering very large area with very low power, distances from 15 up to 100 Km can be covered with less than 10 watts transmission.
  • Wireless tele-video conferencing solution offers hands free wireless audio-video data capability.