Automated Demand Response

Automated Demand Response (ADR) is a solution to overloading electrical grids. It is system by which temporary reduction in energy usage results in the balancing of electrical grids when it is under stress or during peak pricing hours.

ADR consists of direct load control (DLC) devices and dynamic pricing. These will combine to drive energy efficiency by providing customers with more choices and the ability to better manage or personalize their energy use. The DLC programs allow utility to remotely control air conditioning (A/C) units during peak demand periods. Dynamic pricing rewards customers for lowering their energy usage during peak energy demand periods with rates that reflect actual hourly supply pricing. This helps to reduce overall usage, keep energy costs down, and preserve the integrity of the electric system during critical load consumption periods

An ADR gateway is installed in each building that opts for this program. This gateway has access to the pre-determined 'Load shedding strategy' which is programmed for each building separately. Accordingly, the gateway shuts down or reduces the power supply in the agreed upon areas at agreed upon times. The energy companies coordinate with home owners and facilities management teams of buildings to identify areas of high energy demand and then determine what can be temporarily reduced/ shut off without impacting operations.

Consumers can greatly benefit with ADR. Not only is it customized to their personal use preferences, it also provides a better understanding of energy consumption of their home/ building. A customized solution means that home owners can control and forecast their electricity bill. Simple measures include:

  • Turning off lights
  • Controlling the HVAC and digital thermostats
  • Regulate the motors using variable frequency
  • Disconnecting battery charging systems

M2M Cybernetics Private Limited provides all the necessary equipment required for installation at buildings and other premises and make them ready for Automated Demand Response program.